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1. and 2. Postal and Courier Services (including express delivery services)115

Services relating to the handling116 of items in accordance with the following list of sub-sectors, whether for domestic or foreign destinations. For the purpose of the following commitments, written communication excludes ordinary letters117 weighing less than 50 grams and postcards.

(і) Handling of addressed written communication on any kind of physical medium118, including:

- Hybrid mail service

- Direct mail

(іі) Handling of addressed parcels and packages119

(ііі) Handling of addressed press products120

(iv) Handling of items referred to in (і) to (ііі) above as registered or insured mail

(v) Express delivery services121 for items referred to in (і) to (ііі) above

(vі) Handling of non-addressed items

(vіі) Document exchange122

(viіі) Other services not elsewhere


(1) (2) Licensing systems may be established for sub-sectors (і) to (iv), for which a general Universal Service Obligations exists. These licenses may be subject to particular universal service obligations and/or financial contribution to a compensation fund. None for sub-sectors (v) to (viii).

115 The commitment on postal and courier services and express delivery services applies to commercial operators of all forms of ownership, both private and state.

116 "Handling" should be taken to include clearance, sorting, transport and delivery.

117 Ordinary delivery sent via postal box or post office and delivered to postal box at mentioned address without receipts

118 E.g. letter, postcards.

119 Books and catalogues are included in this subsector.

120 Magazines, newspapers and periodicals.

121 Express delivery services are defined as the collection, transport, and delivery of documents, printed

matter, parcels, goods or other items on an expedited basis, while tracking and maintaining

control of these items throughout the supply of the service.

122 Provision of means, including the supply of ad hoc premises as well as transportation by a third party, allowing self-delivery by mutual exchange of postal items between users subscribing to this service. Postal item refers to items handled by any type of commercial operator, whether public or private.



3. Telecommunication services Basic Telecommunications Services: (a) Voice telephone services (CPC7521) (1) None. (2) None.



(b) Packet-switched data transmission (1) None. services (CPC7523**) (2) None. (c) Circuit-switched data transmission (1) None. services (CPC7523**) (2) None. (d) Telex services (1) None. (CPC7523**) (2) None. (e) Telegraph services (1) None. (CPC7522) (2) None. (f) Facsimile services (1) None. (CPC 7521**+7529**) (2) None. (g) Private leased circuit services (1) None. (CPC 7522**+7523**) (2) None. (o) Other (1) None. - Mobile voice and data services (2) None. (CPC 75213) - Paging services (CPC 75291) - Teleconferencing services (CPC 75292) - Integrated telecommunication services, excluding broadcasting123 (CPC 7526) Value-added Telecommunications Services (h) Electronic mail (1) None. (CPC 7523**) (2) None.

123 Broadcasting is defined as the uninterrupted chain of transmission required for the distribution of TV and radio programme signals to the general public, but does not cover contribution links between operators.



(i) Voice mail (1) None. (CPC 7523**) (2) None. (j) On-line information and database (1) None. retrieval (CPC 7523**) (2) None. (k) Electronic data interchange (EDI) (1) None. (CPC 7523**) (2) None. (l) Value-added facsimile services, (1) None. including store and forward, store and (2) None. retrieve (CPC 7523**) (m) Code and protocol conversion (1) None. (2) None. (n) On-line information services and/or data (1) None. processing (including transaction (2) None. processing) (CPC 843**) III. CONSTRUCTION AND RELATED ENGINEERING SERVICES - Pre-erection work at construction sites (1) None. (CPC 511) (2) None. (a) General construction work for buildings (1) None. (CPC 512) (2) None. (b) Construction work for civil engineering, (1) None. including dredging services (CPC 513) (2) None. (c) Assembly, erection of prefabricated (1) None. constructions and installation work (CPC (2) None. 514+516) (d) Building completion and finishing work (1) None. (CPC 517) (2) None. (e) Other (1) None. - Special construction work (CPC515) (2) None. - Renting services related to equipment for (1) None. construction or demolition of buildings



or civil engineering works, with operator (2) None. (CPC 518) IV. DISTRIBUTION SERVICES (a) Commission agents' services (1) None. (CPC 621, 6111, 6113, 6121) (2) None. (b) Wholesale trade services (1) None. (CPC 6121, 61111, 6113, 622 (except (2) None. CPC 62262)) - Wholesale trade services of books, (1) None. newspapers, magazines (except (2) None. stationary) (CPC 62262) (c) Retailing services (1) None. (CPC 631+632+6111+6113 + (2) None. 6121+613, including audio and video records and tapes СРС 63234) (d) Franchising (1) None. (CPC 8929) (2) None. V. EDUCATIONAL SERVICES (a) Primary education services (1) None. (CPC 921) (2) None. (b) Secondary education services (1) None. (CPC 922) (2) None. (c) Higher education services (1) None. (CPC 923) (2) None. (d) Adult education services (1) None. (CPC 924) (2) None. (e) Other education services (1) None. (CPC 929) (2) None.



VI. ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES (a) Sewage services (1) None. (CPC 9401) (2) None. (b) Refuse disposal services (1) None. (CPC 9402) (2) None. (c) Sanitation and similar services (1) None. (CPC 9403) (2) None. (d) Other (1) None. - Cleaning services of exhaust gases (2) None. (CPC 9404) - Noise abatement services (1) None. (CPC 9405) (2) None. - Nature and landscape protection services (1) None. (CPC 9406) (2) None. - Other environmental protection services (1) None. (CPC 9409) (2) None. VII. FINANCIAL SERVICES 1. All insurance services and insurance-related services

Foreign insurance companies may provide insurance services via branches only 5 years following Ukraine's accession to the WTO.

(i) Direct insurance (including co- (1) Unbound, except none for: insurance): - insurance of risks relating to maritime (A) Life insurance services shipping and commercial aviation and (B) Non-life insurance services space launching and freight (including satellites), with such insurance to cover (including marine and aviation any or all of the following: the goods insurance) being transported, the vehicle (ii) Reinsurance and retrocession services transporting the goods and any liability arising therefrom; (iv) Services auxiliary to insurance, such as - reinsurance; consultancy, actuarial, risk assessment and claims settlement services - services auxiliary to insurance.



(2) None. (iii) Insurance intermediation, such as (1) Unbound, except none for: brokerage and agency - insurance of risks relating to maritime shipping and commercial aviation and space launching and freight (including satellites), with such insurance to cover any or all of the following: the goods being transported, the vehicle transporting the goods and any liability arising therefrom; - reinsurance; After 5 years from the date of accession to the WTO: none. (2) None. 2. Banking and other financial services (excluding insurance) (v) Acceptance of deposits and other (1) None. repayable funds from the public (2) None. (vi) Lending of all types, including consumer (1) None. credit, mortgage credit, factoring and (2) None. financing of commercial transactions (vii) Financial leasing (1) None. (2) None. (viii) All payment and money transmission (1) None. services, including credit, charge and (2) None. debit cards, travellers cheques and bankers drafts (ix) Guarantees and commitments (1) None. (2) None. (x) Trading for own account or for account of customers, whether on an exchange, in an over-the-counter market or otherwise, the following: - (A) money market instruments (1) None. (including cheques, bills, certificates (2) None. of deposits)

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